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es, the SEO landscape can be tricky and waiting for results can be DAUNTING. Especially when you don’t know when or even if you’ll start to see traction (let alone rankings).


While hipeDIGITAL’s SEO product has always been A1, we have now sharpened our Search Engine Optimization skills. We’ve done this to the point where you don’t even have to pay us for GBP SEO (Google Maps SEO) until you are ranking in the Top 3 for one of your major keyword terms.


These are terms that YOU choose before you jump on board. No fine print, no catch. See if you qualify below. Whether we get you results in the first 3-4 weeks, or it takes us 3-4 months, there is no longer an investment risk that you have to take on while you wait.


SEO provides the best CPL’s (Cost-per-lead) in the industry. No one has ever argued this. The one drawback it’s had is the amount of time it takes to achieve your desired rank on the search engine results page (SERP). Well, hipeDIGITAL has taken that weakness and disposed of it. Book a call with us today to get started with our Risk Free, Free Until You Rank, Guaranteed SEO Program.

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  • Zero Initial Cost, Zero Risk to You
  • 98% Proven Track Record (Upon Approval)
  • Only Ethical Strategies Used
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“Free Until You Rank” GPB SEO

who do we work with?

hipeDIGITAL is open to working with businesses in almost any industry. While we have a special division for roofing companies at – any business can qualify for our ‘Guaranteed, Free until you rank SEO’.
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hipeDIGITAL SEO – Don’t Pay Until You Rank !!!

Let’s talk seo!  Limited Time Offer!!! Contact us and reserve your spot today!

How Do i Qualify For hipeDIGITAL’s Free SEO Program?


✔️   Client’s GBP and website cannot have a filter or penalty.

✔️  Client’s GBP and website must both be accessible to us. If we can’t access both, we can’t help.

✔️  Because Google has high standards, we must as well. Your website must meet our standards for approval. If not it will need to be cleaned up or even redesigned so it meets the standards. Examples of poor website standards: long load time, looks ancient (IE built in early 2000’s).

✔️  Your Google Business Profile must have at least 20 reviews to start. If you do not have, or cannot get 20 business reviews for your GBP profile, hipeDIGITAL can aid in that process (for a cost). If your competitors have thousands, you must have hundreds (as an example). Even if we rank the GBP, the chances of converting are much less without reviews. If you don’t have enough reviews we will not be able to help you.

✔️  You must provide unique photos for us to use monthly. They can’t be stock photos.

✔️  Your business must be very active, not a single 1 person and 1 truck just starting out. We will need photos, active reviews, and other content so this works best for you.

✔️  You must be willing to let us delete all stock photos on the GBP and change the cover photo if needed.


As stated, SEO can be a very complex task to take on. That’s why just as geniuses like Steve Jobs and Gary Grant, hipeDIGITAL follows suit and breaks down SEO into different silo’s all of which can be broken down into different departments. We compare our SEO Process very much to that of baking a cake. Follow the recipe in the correct order and the end result can be beautiful and exactly what is expected. Mess around, shoot from the hip and you might just have to start baking your cake all over again.. from scratch. 😣🤢


The first step in our SEO process is to learn and familiarize ourselves with your brand. How long have you been around, how many websites and micropages do you have online? Who is managing your social media, what platforms are you on? These are all things that matter. Step 1 is digging deep and making sure all media is allocated and accounted for.


Now that all of your digital assets have been accounted for, it is time to make sure your WEBSITE is set up properly. If you are not on a WordPress platform, we will quickly switch you over to it using our superlative web designing skills. Next, everything from site speed, to images, meta deta and schema will be optimized. Your website is the foundation to your entire SEO campaign. Without stability here, you’re entire operation can crumble


Next, we build your BRAND. This entails everything from citations to profile links and eventually back links in the form of niche edits and guest posts. Our job here is to make you the most prominent and authoritative brand in your business’ space. This way, the Google and Bing search engines build trust and credibility with your brand name and URL. These efforts – when done properly – give Google absolutely no choice but to rank you ahead of the competitors.


What good are results if you can’t keep them!?!?There are many ways SEO’s can manipulate search engines to get you temporary rankings just in-time for your monthly meeting. Then the next thing you know, you’re off of the front page – possibly for good. hipeDIGITAL’s SEO strategy allows for stable, depenedable results that are algorithm friendly. That means when Google releases one of their updates, rest assured your movement on the SERP page will be minimized. This is because we don’t use any black hat gimmicks or link schemes to get you ranked in the first place.
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The Proof is in the pudding. At hipeDIGITAL we wear our heart on our sleeves. The entire basis of our existence is based on the premise that we could not stand to see our bridges being burned by careless agencies that we worked for. We couldn’t stand hear our prospects’ and clients’ Search Engine Optimization horror stories. From the moment we started our company we made sure never to over promise and under deliver. As A Miami SEO Agency, we’ve heard and seen it all. Down here, everybody is a know-it-all and seldom do they deliver. So in some ways, you’ll just have to take our word for it. Not sold? Just Google our clients’.  They’re right there, where they need to be… Dominating.


We try to rank you as fast as possible. You could start ranking in as little as 3 to 4 weeks. For more competitive areas it can take up to a few months.

No, you owe nothing while we work in the background until you are ranking for your first keyword in the map pack (Top 3) for a major keyword that you selected. Payments will begin after we rank one keyword.

There may be set up fees such as website design, optimization and additional google reviews if you do not originally qualify for the offer. Those will be agreed upon separately.

Google Reviews help us rank you much faster. In addition,  once we get your business ranked, and you aren’t getting clicks, Google will eventually put other businesses ahead of you due to a low CTR (click thru rate). Lastly, businesses with bad ratings or not enough positive reviews don’t get enough calls to substantiate the SEO fees once they do rank. Who would you call?  A business with thousands of positive 5-star reviews or a competitor with just 20 reviews?

Having more Google reviews helps us rank your business much faster. In addition, once we rank you, if people aren’t interacting with the listing, Google will eventually drop you in the search results because of your low CTR (click-thru-rate). Furthermore, a low number of reviews or even worse, negative reviews won’t substiate the cost of the SEO program if you aren’t converting clicks to leads and leads to customers.  Lastly, which business would you call first, one with thousands of 5-star reviews or a Google Business Profile with 20 some odd reviews?

Due to Google’s constant algorithm changes stock photos no longer aid in optimizing your listing and and can actually hurt your Google Business Profile. If you struggle to get many images for your business we have a simple solution. Just take 50 images of the same job from different angles. This still makes for a unique image and helps us out a lot in our efforts.

Your address must be visible on your Google Business Profile. While we can effectively rank your listing, service area based profiles are not eligible for the guaranteed program. We can work with you to get your address verified.


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