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what is shopify?

Shopify is one of the most popular CMS mainly used for eCommerce websites. As Shopify Designers, we realize that Shopify does boast some advantages over other platforms. There are lots of features to build and manage a store for any size of business. The main thing that makes Shopify superior to other platforms is that it uses cloud hosting.

This eCommerce website builder is compatible with any size of business from startup to enterprise level. You can sell your products with your website or in-person as per your requirement.

Being among the most popular CMS, Shopify comes with a lot of advantages. But as is everything with life, there are pro’s and cons. Below are some of the Pros!!!

why shopify?

shopify WEBSITE DESIGN AT IT’S finest

advantages to having a shopify website



The CMS provided by Shopify is easy to use and you’ll not have to spend much time learning how to use the admin dashboard


Shopify websites can only be hosted by Shopify. The good news is that Shopify uses cloud hosting, which is a very strong hosting solution! Here are some advantages to cloud hosting:

  1. It is more reliable than shared hosting
  2. Cloud hosting has improved security as compared to shared hosting
  3. It can bear a large amount of  traffic where as shared hosting might not stand
  4. This type of hosting is mostly a chain of interconnected servers that is more effective and reliable as compared to a single shared hosting


While using Shopify, you have a lot of premium add-ons that you can use to enhance your management and development of your online store. This plays as a con as well as we’ll go into further detail about the cost of Shopify sites later on. But for now, Let’s talk about how officially licensed plug-ins and add-ons can be a good thing!

When dealing with a WordPress site, especially as a NOOB, the terrain could be quite treacherous. Why you ask? Well, it’s simple – it’s a freakin’ jungle out there. The WordPress Repository is filled with unofficial plugins, coded by amateurs. These plugins may initially install and operate well, can eventually lead to conflicts with other plugins and wreak havoc on your entire website if they don’t crash it completely. That’s a bridge we’ve crossed far too often before mastering our craft 😂


There are a lot of themes available so you can choose and buy the right one that looks perfect for your store


Shopify provides customer support with maximum user satisfaction as compared to its competitors. This is quite the opposite of WordPress where you have to lean on theme / plugin publishers, blogs and Facebook groups to get you out of a pickle. If the Theme and/or plugin publisher is not active, you have to abandon your current operation and find a more fitting solution.

The amount of Shopify support you receive depends on how much you pay. There are different subscriptions based on your requirements and the annual revenue of your business so you won’t have to pay extra for features you do not need


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