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Hello everyone, head honcho here filling you in on a how to run Facebook Ads in 2023. Today, we’ll cover some of the basics such as audience targeting, creative and conversion tracking. Most likely, you will need a Social Media Agency to run your digital ads and that of course comes with minimum budgets and management fees. In this blog we’ll give you some free advice on how to attempt to do this yourself. Once you’re done, you can contact hipeDIGITAL to purchase our social media ads course which covers all three platforms (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok). The course is tailor made for your business and consists of 1-on-1 coaching from yours truly. Not enough time in your day to take a course? No problemo, simply hire us to manage your ads campaign for you.

how to run facebook ads 2023
what makes a good ad offer in facebook ads?


As a business, the first thing you need to tailor to your audience when launching an ad campaign is an effective offer. Remember, unlike Google Ads, your customer is not specifically looking for your product or service when surfing social media applications. This is why your Offer + Your Ad Creative will be key. While the ad creative which may consist of Images, Videos, Carousels, etc will most likley decide the fate of your ad campaign, there is no sense in starting one if you’re not sure what type of deal to offer your customers.


Ultimately offers can be pretty simple. While it’s tough to reinvent the wheel, the offer will most likely depend on what product or service you are selling and what your margins are. Most good offers consist of some sort of savings or incentive to buy the product now. This will help with direct response to your ad by building urgency. If a customer truly feels like these savings won’t be around for a while, the propensity they have to buy will increase exponentially.


Here lies the true fate of your ad campaign. Assuming you are targeting the right audience (which we will cover later), your ad creative will be the first step in your sales funnel. The goal of an ad is to create something the industry refers to as pattern interruption.  This means exactly what it sounds like. Remember, when people are browsing social media, they are usually going for more of what their algorithm is programmed to show them. That can vary from anything to funny memes, chicks in bikini’s, food posts, sporting news, etc. TikTok is actually way more effective at adapting its algorithm more quickly to the user. Since it is reels based platform, TikTok will pay attention to everything from likes, shares and even watchtime to decide on what to show you more of. While IG and FB work on similar algo’s, TikTok’s seems to adhere to the user much quicker in an attempt to keep them on the platform. So for example, if you watch one Wednesday Addam’s dance recreation in it’s entirety and give it a like, be prepared to see more of Jenna Ortega all over your ‘For You’ page.


While we love solid video productions at hipeDIGITAL, they are by no means a necessity for an effective Facebook Ads campaign. In fact, we’ve found that on a per impression basis, static images are actually cheaper than running a video ad. Now whether they bring in more conversions or leads is another story that we will cover more in-depth in another social media blog.

When making effective ads, make sure to that your graphics POP. You want clean, extravagent images of your product or service in conjuntion with some selling points. Make sure that the graphic has something that speaks directly to your audience. This way, they can relate to the ad and stop scrolling to spend sometime with what you are saying.

You can include your offer both in your graphic AND in your headline. The good news is that a few years ago Facebook did away with their restriction on the amount of writing each ad can include which made things a lot easier for advertisers.

how to run facebook ads | facebook ads creative

This ad was targeting restaurant owners. As you see, vibrant colors and the company’s brand were accentuated along with a chef cooking in a commercial style kitchen. This ad proved to immediatley resonate with its target audience and resulted in a healthy CTR (click-thru rate) and a great cost per conversion (CPC).

how to run facebook ads in 2023


While you want your graphic to pop, your headline is going to be very important in how your customers interact with your ad. What are you saying? How do you know what to say? These are all good and realistic questions to ask. To put it simply, you want to make your offer clear and conscise within Facebooks 40 character limit. In order to get a lesson in effective and click-bait headlines that work and help your ad’s click thru rate (CTR), you can sign up to our Digital Ads Course or hire us as your Digital Ads agency.

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