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DIGITAL MARKETING EXPERTS: hipeDIGITAL CeO Erez Ahituv on Media Champions with Daily AD Brief

Marie Therese: Welcome back to another edition of Media Champions on Daily Ad Brief. I’m your host Mary Therese Griffin, a daily. Every we like to bring in the subject matter experts that can share their expertise on the latest in Trends and best practices today. Very exciting to have the CEO of hipeDIGITAL with us from Miami. We’ve got a Erez Ahituv with us today welcome to Media Champions. Glad you could join us today.


Erez: Thank you for having me, MT. And yeah, that was a phenomenal pronunciation of my name. Not many people get it – let alone the first time. So thank you for that.


MT: Well, you are most welcome and I subscribe to that because I had one of those long names growing up as well and get a phonetically spell everything and sound it out. It sure sounds good. Here is let’s let’s talk about your thoughts on the changes in digital marketing because the It changes so fast, it changes on a dime. And with what you do with your company, you help people see that Vision. Let’s talk about what you think. Those Trends and changes are going to be well as it right now.


Erez: What we’re really focusing on and Trends and changes for our company and how we’re marketing. Our clients is, we’re getting a lot of clients who have brick-and-mortar businesses and not sort of the basis on what we built like digital on. So coming from, you know, basic agency models such as Miami New Times, which is a newspaper down here and yellowpages.com, which is basically the nation while Nationwide Old Yellow Pages, that’s the background I came from. So inherently, those are the types of clients I went after because that’s what I knew. So as my experience in the digital space, in the digital space continues to be involved with platforms, such as Tik Tok, Instagram, continuing to evolve and grow. We’re really starting to – not necessarily shift our Focus – but we’re just branching out and to, you know, brands, e-comm. And also influencer and you know musician artist marketing people who just want to be thought leaders in that and their space. So the way that’s changing a lot of the Google self in the the search engine optimization in the Google Maps and the pay-per-click a lot of that is still the same. But what’s, what’s changing is where you can go to get influenced and you know, a lot of those Outlets are are Tick-Tock and now Instagrams been around but how you go about getting that influence and how you go about being seen.

Today, you know, something that pattern Interruption with which is key on all that those platforms, how you represent your business online and how you catch people’s eyes. So, we’re focusing on those Trends changes in strategies, and it’s actually a lot of fun really educating our clients on it and seeing how pleased they are with our research. There’s such a variety out there today. I love the fact that you all refer to yourselves as digital ninjas. I think that’s so cool. And you also talked about the fact that you guys are. Rain on agency agency. Why is that important now? Thank you so much for bringing that up. It’s important to me because it’s all about my roots and where I came from. So, you know, being in the industry, like I said for 10 years and seeing what not just my employers, but also competitors did to businesses. It was very important for me to put the client first and the way we’re able to do that and some of my mentors still, you know, scream at me and tell me not to do this to this day.


What the non-agency agency means is that we don’t tie people into contracts days go by and sometimes, you know, I consider doing it but I prefer to put, you know, the way we sort of sell ourselves or present ourselves. I don’t even like to it, say the word sell but the way we present ourselves as Hey, listen, we don’t have contracts because we believe that, once you sign on, you don’t have to worry about us disappearing. You will be so pleased with our customer service and our diligence and our commitment to Excellence and Even if you’re ordering a product or service such as SEO that does take time to develop. So not putting someone in the contract for that, is nonsensical, in some ways. We like to say, Hey, you know, if you’re displeased with our attitude or our work ethic, or you just don’t see this trending in the right direction. 30 60, 90 days in your free though. If something comes up that you see more value in and you want to allocate your budget to that, you’re free to go. And that’s sort of like the first step of


The Non-agency agency means because a lot of that stuff is binding contracts 12-month agreements. In addition to, you know, our customer service, you call me on the CEO of the company. You can call me on a Saturday, Sunday, text me at 10 p.m. We’re always there. I’ll respond. As long as I’m not, you know, on a dinner date or just completely occupied mom sitting home watching TV during the evening and you need to message me a question of importance. You’ll be sure to get a response and that’s sort of why we consider ourselves a non-agency. Eight. You know, I really, really hope and pray that this is the trend leading all of trans. Because we’ve seen this, especially during covid. There’s been such a lack of customer service across the board. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking into a brick-and-mortar place or if you’re dealing with people, you know, for services. Customer service is key. I want you to wrap up the final question is, how important is that connection to your customer with the customer service and the knowledge in a nutshell because the to have

To go hand-in-hand. You know, aside from the I was about to say, it’s number one results in Roi is number one, because you could be as nice a person as you want. But if you’re not making your clients money, that relationship will be will be over. But for us, it’s aside from, you know, business and results. I think it’s number one, on a lover of people. I love human connection, and I think, because people have been there, whatever travels have been there with people. There are a lot of people are guarded. You walk into a brick and mortar business. Maybe the receptionist isn’t happy.

Maybe they’re just underpaid or they have something going on. I come from a Hospitality background. So I know what it’s like to walk around five star hotel and you know, pick up garbage in the hallway or this that and the other. So I just have you view it as number one and creating those relationships. Not just makes the day-to-day active activities more enjoyable for me, but it also ends up in a referrals, the clients, appreciate it. And it’s just The overall Ambience and culture that, you know, our company projects, and I hope it will become a trend to, I doubt it. But, you know, that’s where we stand. So, it separates us from our competitors. So maybe that’s a good thing. Hey, you know what? I know what all the Hypes about now, pardon the pun, but it’s true. Thank you so much for res for sharing with us, and you guys are killing it at hype digital. Thank you for being here, and I hope you’ll come on the program again. No, likewise. Thank you so much for having me.

MT:  Thank you for your time and have a great week for the rest of you. Thank you for joining us. If you want to know more about what they’re doing at hipeDIGITAL, very easy to do log on to our website. That’s dailyadbrief.com and we’ll make that connect for. You. Have a great day, hope to see you back. Good more media champions.

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