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HOWARD: Welcome to marketing Champions here on Daily Ad Brief. I’m Howard Wolpoff, your host again, what about marketing, with marketing experts around the country today we’re in Miami Beach,  Florida with are Erez Ahituv from hipeDIGITAL. Welcome to our conversation today.

Erez: Thank you so much for having me. It’s good to be back on the Daily Ad Brief.


Howard:  Well, we’re glad to have you and learn a lot more about you. So why don’t we get started with you sharing? How you got started in the marketing industry?

Erez: Well, it’s an interesting story. I was basically is like 10 or 15 years ago and it was in between jobs and took a full commission. Paying job with a smaller agency here in Miami Beach. Chicago-based company. That opened up a Miami branch and thought there was a lot of attention where Google was going and I think I made a good decision. In it was that or selling antiques so I think I’m all right.


Howard: Well definitely very different ways to go but it’s good that you got this type of experience and now your sister focusing that experience with your clients in the things that you’re focusing with them. So when you bring out a new client, what kind of story are you, are you developing from the conversation that you initially have with them so you getting a message, their message out there?

Erez: There’s a lot of different, there’s a lot of ways to skin a cat so to speak and there’s a lot of different sales tactics. What we like to do with clients is really sit down with them and do a needs assessment. Really find out a lot about their business and kind of seeing before prescribing a product or service, really taking a holistic approach to that and see you know where the gaps are and kind of make a decision.

Howard: They’re on what we’re going to push them from a sales standpoint. So there’s a lot of options out there. There’s a lot of different ways that digital marketing can help a company and what they should focus on. So what are some of the things that you are focusing on that really helps get their message out there?

Erez: It really depends on the client and their audience. So, we’ve been seeing a lot of success, you know, we started as a web site design and SEO company and we really branched out into doing a lot of paid ads, which is Google pay-per-click and you know, Facebook and Instagram ads, even on Tik-Tok and what we’ve seen. A lot of success is really scaling companies from like a 5k spend where they came on board with us, to a month, to over 40,000 per month, and that’s gonna combination of, you know, the Google ads and And he paid social media ads. So it’s really just about creating the right content and creating a message that resonates with our audience, a proper offer. And then letting us go to work and taking care of the, you know, Tech stuff.

We started as a web site design and SEO company and we really branched out into doing a lot of paid ads, which is Google pay-per-click and you know, Facebook and Instagram ads, even on Tik-Tok…


Howard: You having the right messaging through Google ad really does get a good response rate which obviously you’re seeing if your clients, but SEO still is a very big component to how people are finding companies organically. What are the things that companies are making the Biggest mistakes on by trying to do it themselves and not five, helping having people find them online.

Erez: You know, it’s a great question, whether they’re trying to do themselves or higher you’re wrong agency. I feel they’re making the same mistakes and really simply not doing the research on what the process entails. Although it couldn’t get complex further down the line initially those first five to ten steps with SEO, they’re pretty simple. And I constantly get people on board who are skeptical of the product or service because, well, they’ve tried it and it didn’t work and I’ll take literally less than five minutes either. Checking about back end of their website or just doing a simple Google search on their Rand and I’ll on a phone call or some colleges be like pointed out to them. Hey well, your past or you have not done X, Y, and Z and that’s usually enough to sort of turn the tide on the conversation and give them to give us a shot as we conjunction with our if you know results that we aren’t able to show them.


Howard: Yeah, having someone go in and show what really hasn’t been done correctly as opposed to what’s not been working really does clear up what the confusion is now looking at 2023 and all the different opportunities that you have for your clients, what are some of the directions that you are looking at a little bit differently, a little bit growing and expanding for from what you’ve been doing in the past.

Erez: That’s a great question of content creation is a big thing. Content is always been King with the Google search engine, and now there’s a lot of new and exciting ways to create content and those law. All those answers are out there. They’re kind of proprietary methods that I won’t be sharing during this interview, but it’s basically created our workflow. We become way more efficient and creating quality content for our clients and it’s help satisfy the Google equation and getting our sites. You know, ranked up and just increasing that just traffic but Also, local results to our clients websites.

Howard: Yeah. Having the right Special Sauce that you have that others do not really does make a company stand down or an agency stronger than than what else might be out there. Because getting this content seen by Google is really was going to, determine whether organic search is really going to work or not work for people.

Erez: Yeah, 1000% if you are simply not abiding by the formula, you are going to Nazi successful results. So what we’re doing is basically creating the right type of content doing the right type of on-page and off-page optimization. And like I said, if you got the juice and you got it and over the past 3 or 4 years, since hipeDIGITAL has been you know in existence we’ve really been able to differentiate ourselves from our comp competitors where it was when we first started, we got great results but I don’t really see much of a difference between us and the companies that were very successful and that we’re really stuck, you know. Differentiating ourselves from the pack. So it provides a very unique experience to some unique strategies that were excited to to you know, continue to test out the 2023 and Beyond.


Howard: Well it’s great that you have that capacity for your clients and really seeing the results which is really what everyone is looking for. So we thank you so much for coming on with us today and for sharing everything that you have going on.

Erez: All right. Yeah, thank you so much for having me. Howard look forward to seeing you guys

Howard: And thank you all for joining us as well. Making sure you are found organically making sure that your ads are are hitting in the right place is making sure you have the right content. It’s all in equally important and having the right agency to direct you. There is even more so makes lives so much easier in the process. So it’s more information about hype digital here on daily a breeze. So please check that out, but go and have a great rest of today and we’ll see you next time on Marking Champions

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