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3 Things Your SEO Company Should Be doing In 2023

Hi guys! So you’re probably here because you are searching for an SEO company. Perhaps you’re looking to replace one. Believe me, when it comes to internet marketing, I’ve seen enough to say that I have seen it all. Below are 5 things your SEO company should MOST DEFINITELY. Now there’s more than one way to skin a cat, so I’m not saying just because someone doesn’t use our sauce doesn’t mean that they cannot get results. But, if you aren’t checking these boxes you are missing the right foundation for a successful long-term SEO campaign.

building blocks of SEO
5 things your seo company should be doing



Online citations are basically instances where your company’s name, address and phone number (most commonly reffered to as NAP) are mentioned. This is most commonly seen in online directories such as YP.com or Apple Maps. Google even states in their knowledge base that websites need to build prevalence and authority by having as many online citations as possible within the most highly visited and credible sites. This prevalence and authority builds trust with the search engine that your brand is intact and open for business.

Along with your NAP, citations also allow you to list your hours of operation and point links to your main social media platforms. These include but are not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN and many others. The amount of outbound links you can include differ from platform to platform. While you can have a citation on almost any site, they are most commonly found on directly listings that are used primarily for business listings.

Make sure your citations are filled out consistently as discrepancies in your business information can lose to a loss of faith and credibility which equals a loss in rankings.


In addition to online citations, your business should also be on as many major social media platforms as possible. What is the difference between a citation and a social media platform? Well it’s simple, it’s kind of like a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square. “What the hell is this guy talking about?”, you’re probably asking 😄. What I mean by that is that a social media platform can include a citation, but citations do not necessarily qualify social media platforms. Citations can be found on online directories or even properly manipulated profile links. (You’ll read more about profile links below).


Well obviously you’ll want to be on the major ones. This includes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but I wouldn’t stop there. Creating business pages on LinkedIN and taking it further to platforms such as Pinterest and Tumblr are also advantageous when building credibility for your online brand.

Below is a list of some Social Media platforms we create for clients upon launch.

Below are a list of some citations and directory listings you should be listed on:


It’s strictly a definition. Social Media platforms such as Google My Business allow a business to post daily while citations and online directories tend to remain more static.  A good example of a hybrid social media / directory platform is Yelp. While I hold a great disdain for Yelp for MANY reasons, it doesn’t change the fact that they are a valuable citation record. In addition, their online reviews act as a social platform where users can interact with other users and businesses. That being said, Yelp remains “on the bubble” from being a real social media platform due to the lack of a daily posts feature.

5 things your seo company should be doing | Social Media
5 things your seo company should be doing



Well it is what it sounds like. On-page SEO is about adjusting and tweaking both frontend and backend metrics on your website. This includes blog posts, meta deta and even content. Believe it or not, I’ve seen results with little to no on-page SEO done, but that was back in 2012. Search Engine Optimization has evolved since then and I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you inquire about your SEO company’s  on-page strategies or tactics. “Well how do I do that without ruffling any feathers?”.

Yes totally understand. To do this is easy, just login to your WordPress website, assuming you HAVE THE LOGIN TO YOUR WEBSITE, right? If not, get that immediately. Once logged in, you should see some sort of SEO tool installed by the names of Yoast, RankMath, All-in-one SEO or SEO Press. Next you have to go on the back end of your website by editing a page and scrolling down to that SEO tool’s section and make sure everything is filled out. Is this the end all be all? No, but if you aren’t getting results and this ISN’T done, abandon ship IMMEDIATELY.


I hope you enjoyed the blog, I know it was brief, but these are 3 things that your SEO company should most definitely be doing if they are charging you a monthly fee. Contrary to popular belief, SEO results do not take a long time to achieve. Now please don’t get me wrong, getting you to number one may take some time, but it doesn’t happen overnight. In the mean time, your SERP rankings should be trending upward and your SEO company should have some sort of positive data to show you in the meantime. If I can count the amount of times I’ve gotten on sales calls with people paying for SEO that are 6, 7 or even 8 months in with ZERO RESULTS you’d be astounded. Happens all the time in this industry! But not here, not with us, not with hipeDIGITAL.

I hope this guide helps you audit your SEO company and allows you to make the proper decisions moving forward. If you need us we’re only a phone call away at 954.861.0176. We are based in Miami, FL and work with clients nationwide!  Cheers and good luck.

Looking for a Miami SEO Company? Look no further, hipeDIGITAL is where its at.

things your seo company should be doing

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